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We only source hardwood flooring products from North American manufactured companies.

About the Hardwood Flooring Store

Established in 1977 by Ron Ander as a clearinghouse for the two leading Canadian hardwood flooring manufacturers at that time, The Hardwood Floorings Stores has grown to become Canada’s largest supplier of hardwood floors to the public.

Why Preverco is our preferred hardwood flooring provider.

Based in Quebec, Canada, Preverco is a quite little success story right in our own backyard. As a leading manufacturer of…


Think that new hardwood floor is made in Canada? Think again!

I’ve spent more than four decades selling Canadian hardwood floors made almost entirely from the oaks, maples and birches…


Hardwood Flooring Store Celebrates 43 Years in Business!

Hard to believe it but it has been over 43 years since The Hardwood Flooring Stores first opened for business. A lot has changed…


What Hardwood Flooring should I choose for my home?

The hardest task of choosing a wood floor, is deciding on what type of floor is the right one for you. So where do you start?…


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